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The Anniversary by Roisin Meaney

Lily’s family converge on their seaside cottage just weeks after the death of her mother. Each member of the family is drawn back to the cottage in support of Lily (some more happily than others). The cottage was clearly the centre of many childhood memories for Poll and Thomas together with their parents Lily and Charlie who are however, in the throes of divorce due for the most part to Charlie’s infidelity with a much younger woman, the appalling Chloe.

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The Puck Stops Here (part 1)

Summer has well and truly sizzled this year and the off-season has been dominated here by lazy afternoons in the garden, drinking beer and enjoying the company of good friends.

With more sunny days forecast over the coming weeks and less than a month before the hockey season begins I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on last season and have a look forward to the coming one.

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Watching You by Lisa Jewell (published 12th July 2018)

I’m astounded at how many fantastic books there are out there currently. I’ve had the opportunity to read some absolute crackers prior to publication and this is yet another.

Watching You is a murder mystery / thriller set in and around Melville Heights where various well defined and intriguing characters become more central to the plot as past connections between them are revealed.

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While I was Sleeping, by Dani Atkins (available July 2018)

While I was Sleeping is the latest novel by author Dani Atkins who also wrote one of my favourite books, Fractured.

28 year old Maddie is excited for her upcoming wedding when the unthinkable happens. A van knocks her down in a horrific accident. She wakes up and believes it’s seven weeks later but the tell tale signs are there and she soon discovers it’s six years and seven weeks later.

Fiancé Ryan visits but something feels wrong. Has he moved on in the intervening years and what does the future hold for Maddie as she struggles through rehab and physio to return to a normal life?

It’s an emotionally charged tale with an ending you won’t see coming and is an unusual story that depicts life after a moment in time that changes everything. Written in an easy style and with likeable characters, it’s a great read, which will be available on 26th July just in time for the summer holidays.

I loved it and the good news is that if you like this one as much as I did and you’ve not read Dani’s books before there are several others you’ll be able to catch up with and enjoy, written in the same style.

Thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for the advance copy. It’s four stars from me.

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