Hello and welcome.  Well here I am, sitting at my laptop, fingers poised and suddenly at a loss as to what to say.  Which is unusual for me.

I’m Jules (performs curtsy), nice to meet you.

I’ve set up this site with a couple of things in mind. Firstly I want to continue writing creatively and the blog gives me the perfect outlet for that when the urge takes me. So scoot on up to the headings and click on BLOG for regular new posts. If you’re on a mobile you can find the BLOG tab under the menu options.

As the tag line suggests I will be writing mostly about ice hockey. However, bits and bobs like book reviews and day to day topical stuff may also figure. In the autumn and through to spring I will be writing about the fortunes of my local ice hockey club Streatham RedHawks and their ongoing quest for silverware in the NIHLS1 league together with interviews and opinion pieces about the sport across other leagues too.

I’m aiming to keep blog posts to about 500 words. Just enough to read on a short train ride in the morning, to wind down with after a hard days work whilst sipping a cuppa or enjoying a Pimms in the garden at the weekend. In fact you can read me whenever and wherever you like. Joyously these pages look quite cute on a mobile phone – happy days!

Enjoy and please feel free to comment or have your say at the end of each blog post – I’d love to hear from you. Oh and there’s a link to my Twitter feed at the bottom of this page so follow me there too!