Hello and welcome.  I’m Jules (waves and performs curtsy), nice to meet you.

I’m never quite sure what goes on a Home page but I’ve got one so here goes!

Off On A Tangent is the home of my book reviews, short stories and includes posts under a new banner ‘The Puck Stops Here’ covering all things ice hockey related.

I’ve recently added a searchable category under each post which enables you to see all posts of a similar type whether they are book reviews, ice hockey posts or short stories.

All book reviews published here will always be either three, four or five stars. I know how much goes into writing a book so wouldn’t want my opinion of a story I don’t enjoy to negatively influence a potentially bigger audience. Plus, there’s no sense in being mean – be kind always ❤

Head over to  the About tab to find out a little more about me 🙂