Hello and welcome to my home page.

This blog is a re-invention of my former blog, Off On A Tangent and true to the original domain name I am absolutely, completely and utterly 100% going off on a tangent.


So what’s new?  Well now the blog is all about me.  I’m in my early 50s (gadzooks, that’s one to admit) and have reached that point where I’m noticing the years whizzing past at breakneck speed.

Ordinarily I’m an ‘all about everyone else’ kinda girl. Like so many women my age I find it hard to put myself first when I’ve been so used to being the Mama, the wife, the cheerleader and the one who thinks about and cares about absolutely everyone else first.

But as from today I’m creating a shift in my mind, and although I will never ever stop loving and caring for those who mean the most to me, it’s time to be a little less selfless (nobody likes a martyr right?) and to put myself first.

So, the objective is to live a fulfilling, healthy, happy, long life. And in order to this I definitely need to make some changes in my life.  I need to use the gym regularly, I need to lose weight and I need to take care of my health and well being and stop worrying about everything and everyone. And it’s time. It really is.

So this is the home of my new blog which I’ve renamed ‘little victories’. It will follow my journey, through a weekly blog posting as I change to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle which enables me to live my very best life. I figure that if I can be a better version of myself then my nearest and dearest will also benefit.

So please join me on my adventure. I’ll share the gym routines (trust me, they’ll be simple at the start), the healthy recipes, tips on how to achieve a restful night’s sleep, hints and helpful ideas I pick up along the way together with little quotes about thinking positive and keeping the faith.

Jules x