Congratulations! You appear to have made it past the home page and are sufficiently curious to look at some words about who I am and why I’m here.

I live in Surrey with my husband, two grown up sons (one is living it up at uni and the other is desperately clawing at the door of independence), a very excitable Collie/Boxer and the supreme master of the house …… a chilled ginger cat called Archie.

I’m a prolific reader, love writing and I have a massive interest in ice hockey having been lucky enough to discover and then follow our local team Streatham RedHawks for the past three years.

Every day I see and hear about things I feel inspired to write about but I find myself on Twitter confined to far too few characters and a bunch of expressive emojis to get across how I feel.  A blog seems like the perfect way of reviewing things, having a say and being heard.

Last, but absolutely by no means least I enjoy being creative.  I have written and self published a novel and recently received some super exciting feedback from a ‘proper’ publisher.  Sometime soon I’ll be writing a new novel with the aim of being mainstream published.

So thats what I’m about and what you can expect to find on the pages of Off On A Tangent. Don’t run off ….

Happy Reading!