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The one about eating well – weekly update #6

Happy Thursday. So as I mentioned last time, Friday 24th is going to be a messy day of eating drinking and making merry. I fully expect to fall off the healthy eating wagon almost before I wake up but rather than putting off my new regime for yet another week I’ve already started and decided to post a blog a day early in celebration.

Not only am I feeling virtuous by way of the fact that I have walked the dog and been in the gym three times this week but I’ve also spent time putting recipes together for my healthy eating plan. It’s absolutely not a diet because that suggests a short-term fix, it’s more a structured change in how I perceive food and use it to fuel my body.

I have the autoimmune skin disorder psoriasis. I have also suffered in the past with psoriatic arthritis. Whilst I no longer suffer with joint pain other than the odd twinge and the remnants of damage from historic flare-ups, my skin has steadily got worse over the past couple of years.

I have tried almost every drug, combination of drugs, herbal remedy and old wives tale. I’ve tried light therapy and every emollient and cream known to man. The ONLY thing that has worked for any length of time is eating differently. So here we are.

I stumbled across the Pagano program about eight years ago and it worked absolute wonders for my skin and had the added benefit of significant weight loss. As with all things, I fell off the Pagano wagon and never got back on. What I found the most difficult was sticking to such a strict regimen and it was very much all or nothing for me. I saw such a dramatic improvement in my skin I thought for a while that I was cured. What I failed to realise was that I needed to keep to it for good. So this time the aim is to take most of the suggestions from the regimen and stick with them, letting myself have occasional days when I’m allowed the freedom to go out with friends for a meal or enjoy an evening off and a few glasses of wine.

So I thought I’d just quickly outline the plan because it would totally work for everyone, not just those with a skin problem, as a way to lose weight. I’ll give you a quick run down of the ideas behind it together with a meal plan for a typical day.

Dr John Pagano helped and healed people suffering with psoriasis, arthritis and eczema with a regimen that has achieved abundant remarkable outcomes. The regimen, examples of results, reasons why and meal plans are all contained within the book Healing Psoriasis The Natural Alternative – John O A Pagano DC.

Simply put, the science behind Pagano’s regimen is related to how the body reacts from the inside to what is put into it. Toxins released from within the gut cause the auto immune reaction and resulting skin problem. As psoriasis happens from within it needs to be cured from within. Therefore topical creams, light therapy etc are all symptom relieving but not curing.

The book and regimen contained within it detail lots of ways to kick-start the process from colonic irrigation to a three day apple diet which enables the body to expel the maximum amount of toxins prior to starting the diet properly. These are absolutely not for me and whilst I did the three day apple thing last time it’s not something I’m committing to this time. It just means the evil toxins sitting in my body now will take a bit longer to leave. So be it!

As this post is already becoming significantly longer than I had anticipated here’s a quick, general run down of the baddies and goodies in terms of food types.

The Deadly Seven

  • Saturated fats
  • Nightshades (especially tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes and hot spices)
  • Sweets (sugar in general tbh)
  • Cigarettes (doesn’t apply to me)
  • Alcohol (definitely applies to me)
  • Junk food (also applies to me and I’m surprised cake isn’t singled out)
  • Fried foods.

The Glorious Seven

  • Fresh water (with sliced fresh lemon or lime)
  • Vegetables (fruit and veg should be the majority of the daily diet, vegetables are the builders and fruits are the cleansers)
  • Fresh fruit (the cleansers)
  • Animal protein (fish, chicken and lamb)
  • Pro biotic yogurt
  • Olive oil
  • Wholegrain breads, rice and pasta

The aim is to pick foods with low carb and sugar content and to try and stick with the kinds of foods we all associate with losing weight; fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish and lean meat. Swapping out white bread and white rice and pasta for wholemeal seedy bread and brown rice and pasta, only drinking freshly squeezed or pressed juices, avoiding juices from concentrate and fizzy sugary drinks. I’ll also be avoiding red meat and processed meats, gluten, caffeine and sugar as much as possible.

If you read Pagano’s book in a systematic and rigid way like I did last time it’s pretty challenging. However, if you think about it logically all you are really doing is thinking more carefully about what you eat, taking care to avoid trigger foods for inflammation and being kind to the inside mechanics of your body.

Together with the new healthy eating plan I’ll be exercising by walking the dog each day for at least twenty minutes and spending time in the gym for at least thirty minutes, three times a week or more. And when I say ‘spending time in the gym’ I actually mean working out as opposed to standing looking at the equipment, watching tv and sighing. So before I go, here’s what a typical day will look like for me food wise:

Breakfast. Pro biotic yogurt, a handful of blueberries or raspberries with some honey drizzled over. A wholemeal muffin with a poached egg on top. A cup of decaf tea

Lunch. A light salad comprising of cooked chicken or tuna, egg, romaine lettuce, cucumber, beetroot and avocado. Light salad dressing. A slice of brown seedy bread. A glass of pressed apple juice.

Dinner. Chicken pesto. Made with onions, chicken, green pesto, half fat crème fraiche, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, brown pasta, black pepper and grated Parmesan.

Snacks. A small bunch of grapes, a handful of almonds and dates, peeled and chopped apple and pear.

Doesn’t look too terrifying does it? I have meal plans to put together for about ten days in total which I will rotate. The joy of this is that every evening meal is a good hearty evening meal for the whole family and not just lettuce leaves and carrot sticks for me. I’m actually looking forward to it. Of course it helps that next week our new kitchen arrives so spending time cooking in a gorgeous new space will be bliss.

So that’s me done for this week, I have a present to wrap and a bag to pack before a girls night away. Have a good one and wish me luck ….

Big love, Jules x


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