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The Proposal by SE Lynes

The day after I read The Proposal a stranger knocked on my door asking if I wanted a quote for non-existent repairs to my roof. I held my barking dog close, muttered ‘no thanks’ and slammed the door in his face. Such is the power of SE Lynes new magnificent, dark and twisted thriller.

‘Come in, she said. I want your life story. What she meant was. I want you.’

Told via a combination of blog posts, novel extracts, recordings and journal entries the story sounds like it should be complicated. But it’s not and the altering perspective on the story in no way detracts from what lies at the heart of it.

A door-to-door salesman knocks at Pippa’s house; she opens the door and, as a writer on a deadline but with no actual story, she foolishly invites him in to tell his. Pippa’s motivation initially seems simple, to use the opportunity to get a story written and to meet a deadline. But as the plot unravels there’s so much more to this story than meets the eye and each of the central characters is so beautifully developed and well written it’s a book I found impossible to put down.

It’s a mesmerising tale of obsessive love, of loneliness and regret and of evil and mad … and I loved it. In fact, despite having an ever increasing ‘to be read’ stack I’ll probably read it again. The story takes you right to the edge, makes you teeter on the brink for a while and then gently pushes you into the abyss.

Five bold, dramatic and shocking stars for this gripping and dark page-turner. I hope it’s a massive success for the author and publisher and I look forward to reading more.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for this advanced reading copy.

Published by Bookouture. Available from 21 September 2018


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