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The Proposal by SE Lynes

The day after I read The Proposal a stranger knocked on my door asking if I wanted a quote for non-existent repairs to my roof. I held my barking dog close, muttered ‘no thanks’ and slammed the door in his face. Such is the power of SE Lynes new magnificent, dark and twisted thriller.

‘Come in, she said. I want your life story. What she meant was. I want you.’

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The Wife Before Me by Laura Elliot

Available to buy in just a matter of days is the latest story by Irish novelist Laura Elliot, an enthralling psychological thriller, The Wife Before Me.

When Elena Langdon’s mother passes away, she briefly meets the enigmatic Nicolas Madison. As the weeks pass, further encounters with Nicolas, who is grieving the loss of his wife Amelia, lead to friendship, a mutual attraction and then romance.

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The Birthday by Carol Wyer, published by Bookouture 27 Sept 2018

With an interesting front cover and a slightly unsettling YouTube teaser, The Birthday is the first in a new series of crime thrillers by Carol Wyer.

Reluctant partygoer, 5-year-old Ava Sawyer, disappears from a birthday gathering at a garden centre and when her body is discovered during building works there 2 years later, DI Natalie Ward is assigned the case.
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The Anniversary by Roisin Meaney

Lily’s family converge on their seaside cottage just weeks after the death of her mother. Each member of the family is drawn back to the cottage in support of Lily (some more happily than others). The cottage was clearly the centre of many childhood memories for Poll and Thomas together with their parents Lily and Charlie who are however, in the throes of divorce due for the most part to Charlie’s infidelity with a much younger woman, the appalling Chloe.

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The Puck Stops Here (part 1)

Summer has well and truly sizzled this year and the off-season has been dominated here by lazy afternoons in the garden, drinking beer and enjoying the company of good friends.

With more sunny days forecast over the coming weeks and less than a month before the hockey season begins I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on last season and have a look forward to the coming one.

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