Watching You, by Lisa Jewell (published 12th July 2018)

I’m astounded at how many fantastic books there are out there currently. I’ve had the opportunity to read some absolute crackers prior to publication and this is yet another.

Watching You is a murder mystery / thriller set in and around Melville Heights where various well defined and intriguing characters become more central to the plot as past connections between them are revealed.

It’s so cleverly written that right from the start your perception of what is happening and to whom is tested. It’s a pacey, proper crime thriller that I absolutely did not have a chance of solving. The perpetrator could be one of many and in that respect it has a Broadchurch-esque quality to it that I loved.

The story seamlessly weaves its way back and forth from the recent past to the present and characters are revealed from altering perspectives. It’s about people and relationships and involves the recollection of a chance meeting many years earlier. The characters are believable and I found my feelings towards them change as the story unfolded.

Without giving away any spoilers, watch out for a jaw dropping ‘WHAT??’ moment. I won’t say where it comes in the book but it left me cold.

It’s a chart busting, fabulous 5 stars from me. Thanks to NetGalley and Random House for this advance copy, Watching You is released TODAY 12 July 2018.


The Backpacking Housewife by Janice Horton

I’ve just got back from Thailand and Malaysia. Well sort of. What I’ve actually done is read The Backpacking Housewife in the sizzling sunshine in the comfort of my own back garden. I didn’t have to get on a plane or even leave the country and yet I feel like I’ve been on an epic adventure.

When forty something Lorraine Anderson discovers husband Charles has been cheating on her with her best friend, her response is to grab her passport and run for the hills. What she doesn’t know is that the adventure she is about to embark on will provide her with the opportunity to escape a life she doesn’t realise is holding her back.

Lori meets an eclectic mix of fellow travellers, makes lots of new friends and enjoys encounters with turtles, orangutans, whale sharks and dolphins on her travels.

As she adventures through Thailand and Malaysia she throws herself whole-heartedly into every experience possible. It’s a refreshing and delightfully descriptive story of one woman’s journey from heartache to happy.

Lori emerges like a butterfly from its chrysalis into a new, relaxed, independent and confident version of her previous self. It’s a joyous journey and like many of the best and most convincing stories originates from the authors personal experiences. It’s not self indulgent, it feels like a beautiful possibility and I absolutely loved it.

So it gets five shimmering enlightened stars from me. Here’s hoping it’s a huge success. With thanks to Harper Impulse and NetGalley for the advance copy.

Available to download from 6th July 2018, it really is the perfect summer read. Don’t forget to take a look at other reviews on the book tour and then grab it, escape and enjoy!

Happy reading,

Jules x

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