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One Thousand Stars And You, by Isabelle Broom

Coming soon to a book shop near you is One Thousand Stars And You, by Isabelle Broom.

I hugged my kindle when I finished this one. What a heart warming, lovely read. It’s one of those you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf. I might even buy it in paperback so I can do just that – the front cover is just gorgeous. Oh and I’d also like a sequel please Isabelle if that’s not too much trouble!

Alice, Maur and Steph celebrate their impending thirtieth birthdays with a life-changing celebratory trip to Sri Lanka. When the girls meet ex-soldier Max and his buddy Jamal they settle easily together as a cheery little band of happy travellers. Back home, Alice’s mum and Alice’s fiancé Richard are worrying themselves silly. They’re hoping she’s being sensible. What if something happens to her?

It’s a lovely gentle read for a summer’s weekend. The characters are likeable and Alice’s personal journey is one that will resonate with readers enormously.

Now that I’ve discovered her I’m looking forward to reading more from Isabelle Broom. I give this one an additional five stars to add to the one thousand in the title. With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Books for this advance review copy.


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