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Gracie’s Secret, by Jill Childs (available summer 2018)

This book review starts with a wow! A big huge emotional and overwhelming WOW! I’m reading two books a week at the moment and I genuinely didn’t think that at this stage, and with 600 downloaded books on my Kindle that I would come across a piece of writing that would move me the way Gracie’s Secret has.

Gracie is three. On an average day during an everyday journey Gracie is involved in a horrific car accident that leaves her fighting for her life and having to be resuscitated by paramedics. Only Auntie Ella, who was driving the car knows what really happened but as Gracie recounts details of the journey and the events immediately afterwards her Mum, Jen realises there is more to her ex husband’s new girlfriend than meets the eye.

Jen is a woman of intensity. Her precious bond with Gracie and a blossoming romance with Doctor Matt dominate the weeks and months after the accident. But something is off. Jen just can’t get past what happened to her little girl and Ella’s involvement in it. Ella is hiding something and Jen is determined to find out what it is.

It’s a heartbreaking and thought provoking tale of a mother’s overwhelming and all encompassing love for her daughter.

I honestly thought I knew where this story was going but a couple of twists had me fooled and then there’s a huge, clever reveal that I simply didn’t see coming and it absolutely floored me.

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to be moved to tears by a story that also makes you reflect long after the book is finished and Gracie’s Secret delivers on this in abundance.

Loved it. So it gets five gently twinkling stars. Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the chance to review this prior to general release. I hope it’s a giant success for the author.


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