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Review: Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

Cross Her Heart is the new psychological thriller by best selling author of Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough. It’s due for release in May 2018 and let me just start by saying that it completely delivers.

It’s Lisa’s story. Lisa is the polite, friendly, unassuming and slightly over protective Mum of Ava. Ava is sixteen, thinks she knows everything and is at a time in her life when the world holds opportunity and the potential for love and excitement.

Although the mother / teenager relationship initially appears pretty standard there’s much hidden. Multiple narrators in Lisa, Ava and Lisa’s friend Marilyn tell the story. Lisa’s story is also divided into three timelines, Before, After and Now. It sounds complicated but it’s honestly not and the story weaves seamlessly from one timeline to the next.

In the here and now, keen swimmer Ava heroically rescues a child in a near drowning incident and secrets hidden deep in the past are upended, revealing a tragedy that ripped friendships apart and completely changed lives.

The three main characters are completely credible. They are both vulnerable and strong, feisty and at the same time helpless and each carries their own burden. Intriguingly, the male characters in this story are mostly abusive or untrustworthy which brings into question the motivation of the only one who isn’t.

It’s a gripping story of women and struggle, of love and friendship, of secrets, betrayal and lies.

The story questions stereotypes of poverty and extreme abuse versus stability, normality and relative prosperity.

I give it five stars because it’s original, disturbing, harrowing, twisty and complex. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins UK, HarperFiction for the opportunity to preview this book prior to publishing date.


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