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Review: The Songs Of Us, by Emma Cooper

Rarely does a book come along that is as unique and mesmerising as The Songs Of Us. It’s reminiscent of (and in my humble opinion right up there with) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Cecilia Aherne’s PS I Love You.

The story is about the aptly named Melody and her propensity to involuntarily sing completely appropriate songs at entirely inappropriate moments. It’s about coping with loss, wading through the treacle of heartache and moving on with life. It’s a story about the wonderful sibling bond between Melody’s two angsty and troubled teenage children Flynn and Rose that proves the love of family conquers all.

The Songs Of Us is a completely unique and skillfully written tale. The book is littered with references to and lyrics of popular songs that most readers will recognise and with that in mind is a ready made soundtrack to what would undoubtedly make an unusual and touching film. The songs are cleverly written into the fabric of the story and never feel as if they’ve been shoehorned in.

What makes this book so special is Emma Cooper’s ability to make you laugh out loud in one upbeat and hilarious chapter and then have you crying silent, desperate tears in the next.

If it had been a hardback I’d have hugged it at the end. It was however a digital review copy so hugging was tricky. Thank you to Netgalley and Headline for the opportunity to review such a terrific book prior to general release.

The Songs Of Us is out in September 2018. Make a note and buy this one. I’m giving it five gently glittering and slightly tearful stars.




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